Case #98 – Text: Nkomo, Fottler & McAfee, 2012 custom essay.

Case Study 2: (Case #98 – Text: Nkomo, Fottler & McAfee, 2012). Read the entire case and prepare your paper according to the instructions below being sure to address fully the 3 questions at the end of the case in your paper. Include in your paper, content that demonstrates a clear understanding of unfair labor practices (ULP’s) and provide analysis and examples of pros and cons in the strategy used by SGA in the management of the representation campaign. Within the story provided in this case, the familiar fabric of ‘family’ is woven into management, employee, and senior leadership’s rationale for remaining non-union. What does Scripture teach us regarding the strength of family? How should this guide the actions of Christians caught in the circumstances presented?

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