Business plan to the potential investors for review and comment custom essay.

Over the last 3 quarters, you have been working to create a business plan for presentation to potential venture capitalist investors.You are required to submit a business plan to the potential investors for review and comment.

The business plan should be up to 17 pages in length and address the areas outlined below. This information will be reviewed by the venture capitalists that will provide written feedback within two weeks. You will need to incorporate these suggestions into your plans going forward both in the simulation and your final report to the board.
A copy of the marking rubrics is attached.
Academic referencing standards must be adhered to in citing others work and/or applying strategic frameworks.
You need to access my simulation, which is online, the
webpage: is
email: [email protected]
password: artur1208

It is important to access it because u will see what I done with it so far. Such as goals, vision and mission.
I also will attach the scorecard for the passed two quarters.

The third quarter will only be done by 11/1 so then I will attach the new scorecard and you can also access it only.

The essay needs to be including appendices

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