Brand management Academic Essay

Determine the attractiveness of expanding your selected product market to the country you have chosen by identifying companies that may already be doing business there. Identify 2–3 competitors and describe the present situation of each. Compare the companies’ offerings to your company’s offerings. Based on your evaluation, answer the following questions: use Brazil as the country and swimwear for product

      • What is the currency of the country you have chosen for your project? What are the currency risks of establishing a business presence there?
      • Is there evidence to suggest that competitors have been successful?
      • Can you establish the sales potential?
      • What price might consumers pay?
      • Is the market saturated with competitors?
      • Would your company be the first in the region?
      • Are there barriers to entry given what you have learned about the country and the competition that does business in that country?
      • Summarize your assessment of the situation at this point. Determine whether you still think it is feasible to launch your product in this country.



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