The Benefits of Food Processing Outweigh its Drawbacks

The Benefits of Food Processing Outweigh its Drawbacks
Food processing is an integral part of the modern economy because it makes food products that are otherwise seasonal, available throughout the year. Without food processing, we would be deprived of the wide variety of foodstuffs that we see on store shelves and supermarkets. Food processing also improves food safety and extends its shelf life. Other than that, it makes cooking very convenient because the food is packaged in a form that is ready to use. Despite the health complications associated with processed foods, food processing plays a critical role in the modern economy and as such, it should be promoted to enhance food security.
The main advantage of food processing is the fact that it makes foods that have limited growing seasons available throughout the year (European Food Information Council).
Other than that, food processing extends the shelf life of food, which helps to minimize wastage.
Furthermore, food processing improves food safety, which in turn promotes health.
On the other hand, food processing is associated with several health complications that could be fatal in some cases (Gunnars).

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