Attitude and social support custom essay.

Write a 1,200 word paper discussing the following: PLEASE USE APA FORMAT on paper and also, USE SCENARIO BELOW For Paper.

Research on the concepts of positivity, hardiness, and optimism as they apply to Phyllis

Whether she views her situation as a threat or a challenge
The value of social support in general and as it applies to this case
How Phyllis might learn to thrive more fully in her current situation, along with evidence-based recommendations for intervention
What role Phyllis’s attitude plays on her condition, and how hardiness, positivity, and optimism may help her cope with her illness

Include a minimum of four scholarly references.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.


Aunt Phyllis


Your Aunt Phyllis, who is 61 years old and a widow, lives close to you and was diagnosed with breast cancer 3 years ago. Her husband died of a stroke 5 years ago. She has one daughter, but her daughter lives far away, and their relationship is not close. She has undergone surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy treatments, and her cancer is in remission. Her doctors do not recommend further treatment at this time. She still experiences nausea occasionally, possibly conditioned from the time spent undergoing chemotherapy treatments.


You have noticed that your aunt’s energy level is reduced and, when you visit, you observe that she does less to keep her apartment as clean as she used to. Her personal hygiene has also reduced. In speaking with her, you have noticed that she is very fearful that the cancer will return. She has even expressed concern that she will soon die. She has a pessimistic attitude toward life. She used to play bridge with a group of friends, but she has not seen them in over a year. Her social support is very low, and you are one of her few close confidants. You also have some concerns about her short-term memory, as she often seems to forget things that have recently happened.


Phyllis has always been slender, but she appears even more frail since her cancer treatments. She was never a big eater, but her appetite is reduced further because the chemotherapy made her quite nauseous. Sleep patterns are disturbed by early awakening insomnia. She goes to bed at about 8 PM and usually awakens at 2 AM and cannot get back to sleep. She walks every day for exercise, but her attitude toward exercise is fairly negative, and she states that “I don’t know what this walking is doing for me.” She is a religious person and attends church every week. She confided that she is angry with God about her cancer. She believes she has led a good life and cannot understand why she was cursed with this disease. Her self-efficacy is low, which is a dramatic change from her “old self,” before her husband died and she was diagnosed with cancer. She used to be vibrant and active, as you remember her. She has never been seen by a psychologist or psychiatrist.


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