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Question 1

As identified in the UMUC Haircuts Case Study, there are several areas where Myra’s business could use improvement, including: Customer Scheduling, Employee Scheduling, Supply Management, Customer Information, and Marketing. Over time, each of these will likely have an IT solution. However, you know that if you could combine these into an enterprise system, you would be able to significantly improve the operations of UMUC Haircuts.

1)What opportunities are being missed when each little area (scheduling, supply management, marketing, and others) has its own “stove piped” data? (Provide some examples.)

2)What benefits will the UMUC Haircuts business realize if you implement an enterprise-wide system? Identify how Myra as the manager will benefit from having additional information available.

3)What types of decisions as the manager would be improved if she had all this information in one place?

4)Would it make the most sense to start with – a CRM, an SCM or an ERP system – for UMUC Haircuts and why? Keep in mind that additional systems and functionality could come later.

2) question

A key challenge to Chief Information Officers (CIOs) and their staff is the ever-changing landscape in the Information Technology world. CIOs must be concerned not only with overseeing the current operation of the IT Department and how it best supports the business strategy, but they must also be focused on the years ahead. This is important, first to ensure that today’s technology decisions will likely align and be compatible with future requirements, and secondly, that the CIO is well versed in the trends so he or she can advise the business of the potential of technology advancements and concerns. This will help the organization, overall, to make better business decisions. Other members of the organization should have a general idea of these IT trends and be able to identify those that may help their particular area of the business.

Each member should select one of the topics listed below and then do some research. In your posting, you should define and explain the topic you chose. Then you should explain how it could benefit an organization. Be sure to differentiate it from other similar topics in the list. The topics are:
Public cloud

Platform-as-a-Service Private cloud
Infrastructure-as-a-Service Hybrid cloud
3D Printing Cloud computing
Web technology Internet of Things
Question 3

The manager creates a detailed action plan formulated from the long term goals, vision and mission that are set by the leader. This plan is created through planning and strategizing. To understand the concept of vision and mission and its role in the process, you will do the leader’s job and formulate the vision and mission of an organization. By creating the vision and mission you should take away the idea of their importance in creating short term plans and goals.

Create a vision and mission statement to fit the company described below:

Annie Oakley owns a specialty rifle manufacturing company, ANNIE”S BABIES. She designs rifles to fit the specific requirements of the individual customer. Her rifles range in price from $2500 to the most expensive one to date at $25,000. She wishes to become the Lamborghini of the rifle world. Currently, she has a small but growing clientele and receives orders by word of mouth. Anxious to get the plant more active, Annie seeks to gain customers by being known for her attention to detail, personal designs, and quick turnaround. Her employees are expected to produce the rifles with these ideas in mind and never to give in to the temptation to lower the quality of the rifle.

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