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List each step in the 12 Step Program and describe to goals of each of its steps.


Prochaska and DiClemente developed a Transtheoretical Model to help explain a person’s readiness to change their behaviors. This model is often used in substance abuse to help identify where the person is in the recovery process. From your reading in TIP 44, (chapter 5-6) describe the stages of change (AKA: Motivational Interviewing or the Transtheoretical Model) that is described in Chapter 5. Review the following link that talks about these stages of change. (you can copy and paste the link to your internet browser). Once you review the article, talk about how you would use motivational interviewing to facilitate a client to get from one stage to the next (i.e. how would you get a client who is in the precontemplation stage to the comtemplation stage, etc).

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