Assignment – 5ENG Part A

There are many examples of organisations that clearly misunderstand the concept of employee engagement. Often levels of employee engagement are measured in a very superficial way that potentially adds very little value – for example, by the use of employee engagement surveys. Your recently appointed C.E.O, in the past has been a very strong advocate of engagement surveys. He has come to you (in HR) for advice and has asked for a proposal for how levels of employee engagement can be effectively measured. He/she has asked for an initial report which should provide explanation covering the concept and components of employee engagement and evidence showing its contribution to achieving business outcomes.             

Your report should be structured under the key theme of:

 An overview of the concept of employee engagement and why your C.E.O., together with all other key stakeholders, should recognize its significance.  Specifically, you need to address the following issues:

1.An analysis of ‘Employee Engagement,’ including its principal dimensions and components, together with a comparison with related concepts. (AC1.1) (approx 250 words)

2.A justification of the need for alignment between engagement practices and other corporate components (e.g mission) if the full benefits of high engagement are to be realised. (AC1.2) (approx 250 words)

3.An identification of the principal drivers of employee engagement and offer an evaluation of the business benefits for key stakeholders – customers, employees, managers. (AC2.1) (approx 250 words)

4.An explanation of how job design, discretionary behaviour, role autonomy and organisational citizenship contribute to employee engagement (AC2.2) (approx 250 words)

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