Assignment : Prepare for an Interview custom essay.

Assume you are employed as a counselor at your local high school. You need to conduct a 30-minute interview with a student who has suddenly had a dramatic decline in her grades. Prior to conducting any interview, it is extremely important to plan its structure, the type of information you hope to acquire, the timing and sequencing of the interview, and the types of questions you might want to ask. To prepare for the interview, analyze the structure of the interview and present a summary including the following reasons for your choices:

Purpose of your interview
Discuss the topics you plan to cover and the sequence in which you will cover them
Questions you will use to obtain the information
Opening techniques to build rapport with the volunteer
Types and examples of questions you want to avoid
In your discussion, please be sure you cite, at a minimum, the online course and the text book for the course. Your paper should be 2–3 pages (not counting the cover and reference pages), be APA formatted, and include a reference page.

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