Article analysis-economics custom essay.


* APA* Current Article 2016

you will obtain and review an article from The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) or other business/economic periodical that relates to the economic topic(s) to be covered in the given workshop (The WSJ is available through OCLS along with many other business publications.)
Prepare a one to two page paper of the article including the following points:
The topic
The author’s main point or argument
Your analysis of the author’s conclusions.
This assignment requires analysis over summary. You will be expected to relate specific article topics to concepts addressed in the textbook reading (i.e., supply and demand, marginal utility, comparative advantage, elasticity, production and costs, and the like). Additionally, analysis means critical thinking. Assess the accuracy of the article in comparison to concepts learned in the textbook readings, and provide a critical evaluation of the article from the point of view of the “economic way of thinking.” A mere summary of the article or its thesis simply will not suffice. Critical thinking should be clearly demonstrated through your analysis of the article.

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