Art Event Academic Essay

  [Minimum of 500 words]

Attend a gallery, museum or anywhere that you can view a group of work by one artist. You must actually go to a gallery or museum. You may not simply view images on a website. View the work before you learn anything about the artist. Reflect on your response – Make sure to address these questions:


  1. What are the primary Elements and Principles of Design used in the images you observed?
  2. What is your impression of this work?
  3. What is your initial interpretation?
  4. What is the artist trying to communicate through their visual means?
  5. How are you making that opinion?

a – What did you see?

      b – What visual messages did you notice?

NOW, read any information available about the artist and the intention of the work.

         – Go back and look at the work again.

– What are your responses now?

– Have they changed? how? why?

– Show any comparisons.

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