Argument essay about buddhism or about the development of buddhism custom essay.

Please use simple academic vocabulary and sample sentence structure.
And please provide me the outline, Bibliography, and research question.

Remember to consult Harvard University’s A Guide to Writing in Religious Studies (2007) and course reading material.

Grading of them is set as
• Hypothesis / Research Question 5%,
• Preliminary Outline and Bibliography 5%,
• Draft 15% (1000-1500 words).

1. Hypothesis / Research Question. Your task is to define a topic and write a preliminary thesis or “hypothesis” that you will investigate. It is often good to focus on a controversy, puzzle, or problem, asking how or why something is or ought to be the case. This sort of research question and hypothesis will lead to an interesting essay.

2. Preliminary Outline and Bibliography. Your outline should contain a provisional title, a well-written paragraph describing your topic, approach, and hypothesis. Following this paragraph, provide a point-form outline that divides your essay into sections, what you will cover in each and the key point of each section. The key point is the component of your hypothesis that you have begun to investigate and argue in that section. Last, attach a bibliography with at least three items. Please use either MLA or Chicago author- date style.

3. Draft. Draft. Your draft should be a preliminary version of your paper, approximately 1,000-1,500 words in length. It should include scholarly apparatus (citations, notes, and bibliography).

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