Analyzing health care decision making custom essay.

A number of quantitative methods are utilized to make decisions and recommendations in health care. Quantitative methods are used to analyze and predict the demand for patient services, to determine capital expenditures for facility and technology enhancements, and to guide the manager in implementing quality controls. As a manager, whether or not you are familiar with quantitative methodologies, you are responsible for the outcomes of implementing the decision based on the method used.

Your agency/institution has noted a negative trend in profitability for a diagnostic imaging cost center over the past 4 quarters.

As a manager, you need to make some recommendations to take to your board of directors to reverse the negative trend. Your first priority is to find a quantitative method to help you in making decisions.

Choose a quantitative method (e.g., the decision tree model).

Describe the model you are using.

Outline at least 4 proposed solutions to your board of directors, and analyze the strengths and weaknesses of each, with regard to return on investment, break-even analysis, improvement in patient demand, improved patient safety/quality, and so forth.

Summarize how the decision-making method helped you make objective recommendations to your board.

The IP requires critical thinking on your part, you must think in terms of a healthcare manager and how you would go about trying to find answer to this problem. I expect to see 4 possible solutions to these problems and the pros and cons of each. Although I realize you must use various resources for your research I expect to also see original thought from each of you!! These are real world situations that you just might be presented with one day.

The four quantitative methods are that you are to choose from can be found in your MUSE materials:

o Maximin

o Maximax

o Laplace

o Maximax Regret

o Herwitz

o Decision Tree Approach

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