Analyze current advertisements in technique custom essay.

Research the topic of your prompt (see below) and consider our discussion about organizing the supporting points of an essay.  Remember you will need three sources for your essay when you write the final draft.
Don’t forget that your introductory paragraph includes your introductory strategy and your thesis statement, which should
be the last sentence in your paragraph, and the topic sentences need to be complete sentences . PROMPT for ESSAY 1
Analyze current advertisements in ONE (1, 2, 3, OR 4) of four areas (CHOOSE EITHER TECHNIQUE, EMOTIONAL
1. technique (a website with a list of some techniques is
Of course, there are other websites you can use. JUST CHOOSE ONE OF THE SUPPORTING TOPICS FOR YOUR
ESSAY, NOT ALL FOUR. Be sure you have current examples to explain your points. In your final essay, you need to
include at least one political ad and either a nonprofit or public service ad.
Please follow guidelines or I will not be able to accept your second draft. Guidelines
? heading should include your name, date, Illustration essay final draft, the computer word count, and your title (FOLLOW
? cite three sources in your essay TITLE RULES
1. Capitalize the first and all the main words except articles (the/a/an), coordinating conjunctions (fanboys), prepositions,
and the to in infinitives.
2. Do not underline the title or put quotations around it,
3.Center the title at the top of your essay leaving an inch or so between the title and the essay.
4. Think of a short title.

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