Analytical frameworks and strategic decision making models Academic Essay

Assignment Brief

You are required to conduct research on a small/medium size company of your choice that is currently experiencing strategic performance problems relative to other firms in the industry. Drawing on relevant models, concepts and theories covered in this module and those gathered from your extensive research attempt the tasks below:
Task 1
Using relevant models, conduct an internal and external analysis to explain the key strategic issues facing the company. Your analysis must be supported with appropriate data. (limit: 1000 words)
Task 2
Drawing on the blue ocean framework of strategy, identify and critically discuss the ways in which your chosen company could shift its strategy and challenge current industry paradigm in order to open up new and uncontested market opportunities. (limit: 1000 words)
Marking Scheme
• Introduction ( 10 marks)
• Application of relevant models to evaluate critical strategic issues and draw appropriate conclusions (40 marks)
• Application of strategic choice models to make appropriate recommendations (40 marks)
• Presentation (10 marks)

Description of Assessment Requirements

1. Your analysis must be underpinned by appropriate academic literature and must provide clear evidence of independent critical evaluation.

2. The coursework is an individual written assignment and worth 50%

3. All research must be referenced and a bibliography attached. Improper or lack of either of these constitutes plagiarism and students will be awarded a Zero.

4. The application of theory to practice will be given good marks.

5. Maximum Words (2000)

Module Learning Outcomes to be Assessed:-

Upon successful completion of this assessment the student will be able to:

? Think strategically about a company, its business position, and how it can gain sustainable competitive advantage.

? Develop skills in conducting strategic analysis in a variety of industries and competitive situations.

? Use their hands-on experience in crafting business strategy; reason carefully about strategic options; use what-if analysis to evaluate action alternatives, and initiate the changes necessary to keep the strategy responsive to newly emerging market conditions.

? Improve their ability to manage the organisation process by which strategies get formed and executed.

? Develop their powers of managerial judgment, that is how to assess business risk, and gain a stronger understanding of the competitive challenges of a global market environment.

? Demonstrate the ability to design and continuously revise strategies in turbulent and hyper-competitive situations.

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