An open letter to an Individual about the state of black affairs and the current social climate custom essay.

SUBJECT: black studies

Please reference scanned PDF for assignment details.

Structure and Guidelines:
Your letter should be more than a page but not more than 15 double spaced.
Please use 1 inch margins
Page numbers should be included
Footnotes &/or Endnotes for citations are a must.
The paper is supposed to be a candid and open response to the social climate in the United States, specifically the black
community. Tensions are at a all time high and there is injustice everywhere, so the idea is to use this letter as a mouthpiece to
address that.
In the information section I am aware that I put 10 sources to be used, however I understand I only uploaded however many there
are. As long as the sources I uploaded are used, I am fine with less than ten. The author, if passionate about this enough, is free to
use their own sources in addition to the ones uploaded. It is paramount that footnotes and endnotes are used correctly when
composing this paper.

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