The American revolution custom essay.

write a coherent, well-argued essay. Answers must be typed, free of grammatical infelicities, and no more than 4 pages, double-spaced

A) Why did the British lose the American Revolution? Discuss the advantages/disadvantages each side held, their preconceptions going in, and the decisions made on the field, 1775-1781.

EXPECTATIONS: I expect your essay to answer the question(s), basically. Look over your notes, consult your book again, and sit down without ANY materials and write an outline for your essay. Create a thesis statement – an answer to the question(s) – and consider what points, facts, or ideas support your argument. Put those points into your outline. Once the outline is finished, write the essay and put it away for a day or two. Come back to it and eliminate errors in grammar, spelling, argument, and logic. Try reading the essay out loud – does it make sense? Fix it! Look at the style sheet I included on D2L. It offers some helpful hints on grammar and common mistakes students make when writing historical essays.

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