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1) Consider the following claim: “In The Wonders of the Invisible World Mather often characterizes evil as something substantive and real, often causing people physical pain and suffering. In
Pillars of Salt evil is pervasive and powerful, with the ability to overtake and control man’s actions and feelings.” Do you agree or disagree? Why/why not? Support your answer with details and
2) Comment on the “common sense” of the paragraph that begins “But, admitting that we are all of English descent, what does it amount to?” Compare Paine’s reasoning here to his thinking in other
passages in Common Sense.

3) Read over the questions that Mather asks, in Pillars Of Salt, as he converses with the convicted men and women. Are the answers predicated in those questions? Where do we see genuine curiosity
evinced, and where does Mather seem to be hoping for a particular response? In other words, think about how Mather frames the questions—to elicit a particular response; in a very narrow manner; in
an unfair way? Comparatively, pick out some examples of his sincerity and examine them.

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