Accounting and Finance for Managers Academic Essay

Please use REPORT style NOT essay, and use business and academic reference.
Assignment task (also see attachment #1:
Take the most recent published annual Financial Statement for an organization ( the organization name is QDB) assume you are a shareholder in this organization. critically assess the value, to a shareholder, of the information in the Statement. Identify what you see as the financial objective of the company and discuss how far that satisfies your personal objectives. By using appropriate ratios ( more details about the ratios down) perform an analysis of the company and of its current share price. Pay attention to the company’s capital structure and to its chances of surviving the current global economic situation. Conclude by deciding, with reasons, whether you should sell or hold your existing shares or you should buy more.
Extra info about the assignment:
1- understanding the financial objectives of the company
2- describing, discussing and analyzing the basis of the content of the financial statements of an organization.
3- Measuring the financial performance of the organization.
4- understanding the methods of raising and deploying financial resources in time times of uncertainty.
5- Provide excel sheet (shows the calculations)
6- Use 3 to 5 years data for the financial report
7- Provide Graphs, tables, charts.

The ratios, use 3-4 ratios of each one of them :
a) profitability
b) efficiency
c) liquidity
d) market / investment
e) gearing


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