Academic in SME in psychology custom essay

writing of college-level lesson outlines and/or lesson plans.

The courses for Psychology include, but are not limited to the following:

Intro to Psychology
Sports Psychology
Introduction to Sociology
Foundations of Online Learning

Lesson outlines will be written based upon a syllabus and 8 draft lessons, provided by the university. The writer will need to use his subject-area expertise to craft an extremely detailed, comprehensive outline for each of the 8 lessons. The lesson outline will then be used to develop a more-detailed lesson plan (almost a transcript) that meet the course syllabus’ learning objectives more thoroughly than the lesson outlines.

The detailed lesson plans (transcripts) will be driven by the lesson outlines and will be expected to be 6,000-6,500 words in length.  The writer of the lesson plans does not need the extensive subject matter knowledge that the outline creator needs; however, a good, basic understanding of the concepts is needed.  This writer will be expected to expand upon the comprehensive outline already provided to create 8 detailed lesson plans that meet the syllabus’ learning objectives.

A sample (history course) lesson outline (single lesson) and detailed lesson plan (transcript) are provided to give candidates an idea of the sort of work expected. Please note they are combined in one file but there is a title page for both documents.

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