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Business Project – Part 1 Business
Now that you know the company you will be researching throughout it’s time to begin by developing the Business Profile. A Business Profile is a concise description of the business or a snapshot of the business. All of the information required to complete the Business Profile is publically available. Remember to
use the tools you learned during the Library Project to help you gather the necessary data.
The PowerPoint presentation I planned to share with you last Monday is attached for your review. I will review
the presentation and the rubric for this assignment at our next class. Below are the actual assignment details.
The Business Profile, a twothree
page submission, should provide a snapshot of your company by providing
the information listed below.
Project Format – Typed. Times Roman 12 point font. Page layout – 1 inch on all four sides. (Note: These are
not the default font or format settings so check your settings).
Submission via Blackboard
Reference citing required – For each section of the profile, indicate the source of the information using the
Actual Submission Layout (Your document should be not deviate from this format):
Your Name
Business Project – Part 1 – Business Profile
Company Name
Company Address
Company Description:
Number of Employees:
Company History:
Description of the Company’s Goods and Services
´ Current Market Share
Financial Data:
´ Annual Financials
´ Share Price Data
´ Interim Financials
´ Top Shareholders
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´ Credit Rating
´ Subsidiaries
´ Board of Directors
´ Key Company Officers
Suggested sources: Annual Reports, Company Websites, ABI/INFORM Database, Academic Search Premier
Database, American Factfinder (2000 Census), Banking Information Source, Business Source Elite, ProQuest
Multiple Database Search

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