Abortion in Canada custom essay.

Do a brief survey of media sources to provide a sense of how a social problem is being represented. The social problem I have
chosen is abortion. I have provided 3 media sources and I want you to write a paragraph about how the social problem was
represented by each source. The main purpose of this paragraph is to identify and describe ways that media ‘frames’ an issue.
To accomplish this, answer the following questions in the context of the issue or social problem:
1. Who or what represents it?
2. Who are the experts/who is the expert on the issue? Are there experts? 3. What are their areas of expertise/what are their
credentials? What is the main focus of the content presented by the source?
4. What seems to be given most importance?
5. What elements or dimensions of the issue are portrayed?
6. Are some aspects overlooked? However, this is not an essay assignment. There is no need to write an introductory or
concluding paragraph. Only one paragraph of analysis is required for each reference. At the same time, the paragraph should
clearly address the questions outlined on the first page to help orient your approach to describing how the social problem was
represented by the source. Provide specific details and examples. For each source, first provide a complete reference. For
each source, first provide a complete reference. In this assignment, it is not necessary to include a separate reference page.
However, DO order the three media sources alphabetically by the author’s last name (or in the absence of a single author
source, by name of publication/organization affiliated with the material or broadcast)

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