Roots of contemporary issues research assignment custom essay.



This set of assignments includes 4 research/analysis components completed over the course of the semester that will culminate in a minimum 2000-word (8 page) research essay in which you examine the historical roots of a contemporary issue of interest to you (( I would like to have a subject that related to the Great War WW1 if is available ). In these four library research assignments, you will use WSU Libraries’ resources to:

1.Identify an issue of contemporary global significance of which you intend to explore the historical roots and global dimensions.

2.Gather appropriate sources for your chosen topic and learn how to differentiate kinds of sources.

3.Develop an initial thesis statement for your research essay: a hypothesis about the potential historical roots of your contemporary issue – and revise it in light of new sources.

4.Critically analyze the sources that you gather and identify useful passages and information within.

5.Connect newly found sources to those you previously located.


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