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Discussion Topic 1 – Resumes and different types

Review and Write: Explain the process of planning your resume, including how to choose the best resume organization. Explain the differences between a functional resume and a chronological resume, and discuss three benefits of each type of resume. Describe the tasks involved in writing your resume and list the sections to consider including in your resume.

Discussion Topic 2: Consistent voice in resume statements

Review and Write: Revise these sentences to be more active, brief and consistent in word choice.

Have some experience with database design
Assigned to a project to analyze the cost accounting methods for a large manufacturer
I was part of a team that developed a new inventory control system
Am responsible for preparing the quarterly department budget
Was a manager of a department with seven employees working for me
Was responsible for developing a spreadsheet to analyze monthly sales by department
Put in place a new program for ordering supplies
Now, search online, or create yourself, some similar sentences from a resume that lack consistency and/or are not very descriptive. Write them in their original format and then write a new and improved version. Find between five and ten sentences.

Discussion Topic 3: Share what you learned

Review and Write: After completing the readings for this week, write a substantive paragraph about some NEW tips and good ideas you learned from your reading about other aspects of the job search process. After your paragraph include a bullet list of five to ten useful tips.

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