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Application 3: Health Information Technology Project [Major Assessment 5]

In previous Discussions and Applications, you have explored various aspects of health information technology systems: the historic development of HIT, how data flows across HIT systems, and standards and interoperability requirements including specific terminologies used in your practice setting. In this Application Assignment, you will have the opportunity to further develop your analysis skills by closely examining the implementation of a health information technology system. As a DNP prepared nurse, you may find yourself in the position of leading a HIT project team; to be an effective leader and move health information technology projects forward in your organization, you must be able to logically and critically analyze the
many aspects and challenges of implementing such a system and then present your insights in a succinct and professional
manner. This exercise provides an opportunity to hone those skills.
Carefully review the project requirements below and plan your time accordingly. Over the next several weeks you will
develop and submit sections of your Application. Specific project due dates are listed below. Be sure to refer to the
standards of nursing informatics practice as you develop this Application, which serves as your Major Assessment for this course.
To prepare:
•Investigate a health information technology system or health information technology application in your area of interest.
The health information technology system/application may be in any setting where health care information is developed or
managed. You may choose your system or application from any organization or virtual environment.
Examples of health information technology systems or health information technology applications that are acceptable
include but are not limited to:
◦Consumer health applications
◦Clinical information systems
◦Electronic medical record (EMR) systems in hospitals or provider offices
◦Home health care applications
◦School health applications
◦Patient portal/personal health record
◦Public health information systems
◦Telehealth (i.e., from facility to home)
◦Simulation laboratories
◦Health care informatics research and development centers

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