Personality tests custom essay.

Personality tests are frequently used by human resource departments for hiring and other organizational decision making. If you are currently working, think about your workplace. (If you are not currently working, think of either a former work setting or one in which you hope to be employed in the future.)

After having taken the Big Five, Multiple Intelligence, and Myers-Briggs tests yourself, would any of these assessments be useful for screening or placing employees in your workplace? Which personality characteristics would be particularly desirable in an ideal employee in your workplace? Of which traits would you want to see low levels? Describe the working conditions to justify your choices.

Lastly, discuss the reliability and validity of these informal personality assessments available online.

References….Friedman, H. S., & Schustack, M. W. (2012). Personality: Classic theories and modern research. Boston: Pearson Allyn & Bacon.

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