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Please read the article which uploaded into the files, you will have the opportunity to hone your hermeneutical skills when

we read other interpretations of biblical texts. You will choose ONE of the articles for that day (available online under
“Information”), and answer the following questions:
1. How would you summarize this article?
2. What is the author’s thesis?
3. What did you find the most interesting and/or annoying about this article? Why?
4. Based on your own reading of the biblical text referred to in the article, is this a “good interpretation” of that text?
Write your answers to these questions, and be prepared to turn them in. It should take at least 2 full double spaced pages to
adequately answer the question. A good answer will most likely be longer. You will break up into groups corresponding to
the article you chose, and spend the class discussing it with one another.
To encourage full participation in the discussion, each student must take on one of these roles for one of the discussion days:
1) The group leader, who will lead the discussion of the article.
2) The devil’s advocate, who will look for other perspectives on the biblical text. 3

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