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I am an interior design student so my opinion to towards respect for the profession. I will be adding a word documents with the link for the videos and the chapter. So the instructions are:
Opposition of Interior Design Regulation:
“Free to Design: Florida Entrepreneurs Take on the Interior Design Cartel”
“The Truth about Florida’s Interior Design Deregulation”
“Throw Pillow Fight: Is your interior designer really putting your life at risk?”
“Meet Patti Morrow and the Interior Design Protection Council”
Promotion of Interior Design Regulation:
“The Real Truth about Interior Design Deregulation in Florida”
“Interior Design Deregulation in Florida: The Real Impact on You”
“Interior Design: More than Meets the Eye”
Interior Design Education Video Competition Winners:
“Interior Design & Healthcare”
“RIDA 2”
“Why Interior Designers Matter: Radford University”
THEN….Write a reaction essay that addresses the questions below:
What are your thoughts after reading the segment in The State of the Interior Design Profession: “Don’t Bother Me with the Facts!”
and watching the videos? Is there any truth to the oppositions’ views? Explain.
Why does interior design experience this extreme opposition to professional regulation, whereas similar professions, such as
architecture do not?
Although we recently won the battle in Florida, there are few states where interior design regulation exists, and the opposition
continues their fight to deregulate the profession.
a. Is interior design regulation necessary? Why or why not?
b. What will it take for interior design to win the battle for professional regulation nationwide and worldwide?

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