This is an Integrated Child Development Study custom essay.

You must work collaboratively in the undertaking of the project.
It is important to demonstrate colleague and parental involvement.
It is vital that you examine all aspects (PILES – physical, intellectual/cognitive, language, emotional and social) of the chosen child’s learning and development over an extended period of time.
To ensure non bias the Target Child should not be a relation.
Ensure to follow ethical guidelines to protect identity of child, childcare setting and anybody else involved.
Gain parental consent before observations.
Project Guidance:
Use headings below within write up.
Word count guidelines are suggested for each section.
Your word count does not include sections 3,4 and 10.
(1) Introduction and Aims (600 words).
(2) Project Planning Section (700 words):
• The Collaborative Team – Parents, children, staff, management etc.
• Background to the Child – Family type, siblings, place in family, health issues, interests etc.
• Projected Outcomes – What you hope to achieve from carrying out this child study.
• Time Frames and Scheduling – Timetable of when you plan to carry out the observations, the type of observation you are using,
the area of development you are observing and why.
(3) Description of Child Development and Learning Concepts being observed section:
• Describe the normative stages of child development for the age of the child that you are
observing in relation to:
& Language Development
& Emotional Development.
(4) Recorded Observations x10 Section:
• Background to Observation Methods – An observation cover sheet must be completed for each observation done.
• The inclusion of clearly recorded observations – All observations completed in full.
• Inclusion of observation context, analysis, conclusion, and recommendations –
(a) Observation context – the setting/environment, the child’s mood, health or anything
else that may be relevant on the time/day that you observe the child.
(b) Analysis – investigate what you have learned from the observations

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