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Assessment 02 Concept pitch
Assessment item
A concept pitch (formative assessment).
Please prepare a 10 minute pitch to the class outlining your project idea
The pitch should include:
a. Idea outline what
are you going to do?
b. Projects that are similar for inspiration what
did you look at for inspiration?
c. Relevant data sources what
kind of data will you be using for your project?
d. Target audience who
will be engaging with your project?
e. output format(s) and/or distribution channels where
will individuals be able to view/experience your work?
Each pitch will be followed by a 5 minute Q and A from students and tutors.
This is a formative assessment to help you develop your idea.
We are not expecting polished proposals but work in progress!!!
If you cannot present (due to health issues) please let us know so we can make arrangements, e.g. for a tutor to read out your pitch
in class and show your examples.

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