The purpose of this study is to better understand the connection between hip hop music and behaviour of concert crowds at music events custom essay.

Purpose of investigation choice of research approach (i.e., qualitative or quantitative, or both; reasons why)
methodology (size and type of sample used with a justification how sample was contacted, how
many were contacted and the response rate)
s) of data collection, reasons for choosing method(s) and your reasoning behind the content/format of
particular questions.
of data obtained (what approaches were used to order and categorise your qualitative data, what
statistical methods, if any, were used with quantitative data and why).

Please include an interview guide. **UK GRAMMAR/UKBASED
Consent will need to be obtained by participants due to ethics, This research will comprise of individuals
already knowant to the researcher and they will be advised that all responses are confidential and should they
wish to leave the research they can to without prior consent.
questions within the interviews will encompass the subject of drug/alcohol taking with a view to linking
this to the respondents and there interactions with the music. As stated above all responses will remain

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