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Your firm has developed a very popular, up-scale but reasonably priced, cookware line of goods. You produce designs in a number of countries, manufacturing in low-cost locations, and with retail outlets in major U.S. and European cities. Demand is increasing and you have access to plenty of production capacity and capital. Compose a 4 page analysis paper that answers the following questions:

a. How should you organize the business outside of the U.S.?
b. Should you set-up reasonably independent companies, subsidiaries, in each foreign market?
c. What would that do and not do for you?
d. Or, do you want to impose a strict brand image, procedures, and central planning from headquarters, where your offices are?
e. What are the pros and cons of this approach?

TEXTBOOK: Economics For Today 8th ed Author: Irvin B. will upload powerpoints from textbook
Use and cite at least 3-4 credible references in addition to your textbook.

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