3 Article Review Leadership custom essay.

Review the “Classic Readings in Organizational Performance” list (below) and, after thoughtful consideration, select three

articles for this assignment. .
Some of the articles are classics from the fields of organizational behavior, industrial psychology, and management. They
represent some of the original and early thoughts and approaches that linked leadership and human performance with
organizational performance. Other articles on this list are considered classics in that they represent turning points in
conventional thinking on such topics as power, workplace design, and organizational research methods and so on. After
reading the articles, post a review that follows these steps:
A. Summarize the thesis (main argument) of each article and any supporting evidence for it.
B. Analyze the premises of each article and any model.
C. Identify one substantive element of each article and compare/contrast all three.
D. Describe and explain one applicable lesson for organizational performance from each article.
Submit the review as a paper (10001500
words), APA formatting, citations, and references required.

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