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(10% tolerance) addressed to either the landlord or the tenant (your choice) based on the scenario attached to this outline, to be submitted on MONDAY 6 JANUARY 2014. The focus of this assignment is to explore real problems underpinned by relevant theory. Specific Assessment Criteria Evidence of research of the regulations applicable to the context of the question Identification of aspects of the legislation relevant to the specific scenario Practical application to the scenario provided Clear and concise essay style, with appropriate use of appendices to provide supplementary information Well referenced Properly structured Important Note. All work must be fully referenced. A list of references with at least 20% of the sources that are refereed must be included. _________________________________________

Scenario ­ The report Read the scenario below.

You are asked to identify the legislation that may be involved and discuss their practical application to the scenario in terms of the procedures to be followed, in the form of a report that may be addressed to either the Landlord or the T enant. As it is impracticable to provide more detailed information, you will have to make a number of assumptions to ensure coherence. All your assumptions should be clearly stated. Note: you are required to provide appropriate advice to the Landlord or to the Tenant on the resolution of the specific problems identified with respect to: o Dilapidations o Asbestos o HealthandSafetymatters o EqualityAct(andDDA) o FireSafetyissues. This is not generic advice on the application of the legislation but it is advice quite specific to the problems arising from the scenario described. All your assumptions must be clearly stated. Your report must be fully referenced and include a bibliography. Pain Estates Plc own the freehold of 65 Gresham Street, in the City of London, an 8 storey office building (including basement), built circa 1935 and last refurbished in 2000. This Grade 2 Listed building has a steel structure, clay hollow­pot slabs, solid brick party walls, painted steel windows and external thin stone cladding to the brickwork. The services are relatively basic (central heating and some individual a/c units), and the 2 passenger lifts were renewed as part of the last refurbishment. Youens Finance Ltd hold the Head Lease of the building, granted in 2001, for a period of 15 years, on FRI basis. They occupy the lower 6 floors and sublet the 5th and 6th floors on a 10 year internal repairing lease to a music recording studio. Pain Estates have received an application from Youens for approval of alterations in respect of refurbishment works to include: the demolition of the chimney breast from the 5th and 6th floors to increase floor space; the removal of the fire lobby to the first floor to allow direct access to their reception area from the lifts; the creation of a ramp from the street to the entrance hall to enable their disabled clients and Order code: 81107853 Completed Deadline: January 06 16:51 Order total: $89.60 Compensation $11.20 / Page Earnings: $89.60 Payment status: Paid Pages: 8, Double spaced Sources: 9 Order type: Essay Subject: Architecture Academic level: Not specified Style: Harvard Language: English (U.K.) T FAQ’s Can I be additionally compensated if the order is completed earlier than requested? Can negative feedback be removed from my account? How can I advance to the next writer level? How can I dispute unjustly imposed fine? Why is the payment for this order not reflected in the Earnings Report? Why are my earnings for this order moved to the next payout date? Will I be compensated for the additional pages that I wrote for the client?

visitors to access the premises. Youens have also requested that the landlord provides an accessible toilet in the common parts for their visitors and other users. M. Grinfeld ­ Space Strategies and Legislation 2013� 2014 25 On receipt of the application, Pain decide to serve an Interim Schedule of Dilapidations on Youens. The last time any works of maintenance to the building were carried out was in 2005, and internal repairs and decorations have not been carried out since that time either . In preparing the drawings and specification to accompany the application for approval of alterations, some exploratory opening up of the chimney to be demolished has been carried out and, to the dismay of all concerned, it was found that the flue was lined with asbestos which was friable and powdery. No record of the presence of asbestos in this area was found in the existing Asbestos Register, and the sub­tenants occupying the 2 floors have been using the flue for their ventilation system. The fact that there were high profile cases of death caused by asbestos, surrounded by similar circumstances (Mickey Most and Malcolm Mac Laren) has caused the subtenants to take legal advice on the matter.

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