Explain what Weber meant by the distinction between formal rationality and substantive rationality custom essay.

Using these two concepts, analyse whether Scientific Management and Human Relations Theory are formally rational, substantively rational, or both, or neither.

the essay question:
Topic: Management Theory Focus: Scientific Management/Human Relations Theory Instruction: Explain/Analyze
Scope/limitation: Formal/Substantive Rationality, Scientific Management/ Human Relations Theory Viewpoint: Relationship
between formal and substantive Rationality+scientific management and human relations theory.
we clear on what Scientific Management and Human Relations Theory are? Explain these terms!
What about formal and substantive rationality?
What is it about Scientific Management that might make it formally rational? What might make it substantially rational? Do the
same for Human Relations Theory.
these points: 1) What is Scientific Management (SM)/Human Relations Theory (HRT)? 2) What is Formal rationality
(F.R) and Substantive Rationality (S.R)? 3) What’s the difference between F.R and S.R? 4) Is SM formally rational? Is it
substantively rational? Is HRT formally or substantively rational? If it’s neither formally or substantively rational, then explain
why and bring in an alternative.

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