Sociology of work custom essay.

Select 4 cases from the following list and apply as many Marxian concepts as possible to each case:
Workfare Street Cleaner (p. 28)
Temp (p. 58)
Crime Scene Cleaner (p. 96)
Poultry Factory Worker (p 227)
Supermodel (p. 287)
Stripper (p. 449)
The concepts that we discussed in class are surplus labor, disposable labor, objectification of labor, object bondage, alienation, capital, commodity fetish, petty bourgeoisie
Select two of the remaining three questions. The two questions selected are worth 25 points each and should be three pages apiece.
All of your answers should include meaningful introductions and meaningful conclusions.
Information quoted directly from Gig should be cited using page numbers.
Do not use a case study from Gig more than once when writing the exam. The completed exam should constitute case studies drawn from at least ten sections of the book.
You need the book called Bowe J Bowe. Streeter S. 2001 Gig: Americans talk about their jobs


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