The rise of Silicon Valley and how research and inventions form the companies/schools in the area affected the information technology industry and the surrounding economy and culture custom essay.

How many pages it will take to complete this order .Primary Source Analysis, 15 points.
OK, so what is a primary
source? It can be defined as anything created by someone involved in an event, about the event. For example, it could be a
diary or a picture. Find four (4) minimum primary sources and six (6) secondary (any type for which there is an analysis
worksheet) on your chosen topic. Your course textbook can give you a good start, either with reproductions of such sources
or reference information to help you locate a given source. There are also a number of Web sites such as those of the
Library of Congress and the National Archives that contain digitized copies of primary sources that you may use. Please use
copies of the primary source – not a transcription – you want to see it as it looked when created/used. Create a separate
Word document, label it: Last name, P.S. Analysis.

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