IV cannula line control custom essay

I want to describe a design that can help patient to be comfortable while the have the IV line on their hand , so my design is about a very small box that with two buttons, so if the patient want to move he can press the button and the line will be long and if he want to set he also can press the button and the line become shorter , the reason of this design is that because patient getting annoying by the IV line some time it’s too long or too short or sometime it get tangled/ I will send you an example of a design and I want you to write the same steps but about my design which is IV cannula Line control, please don’t miss any part it should contin Every thing like the example, finally when you write about the tool of creativity write because I’ve worked as a nurse and I saw many patients get annoying because of the IV cannula line and you can add what you like / you don’t need any sources you have to desribe.

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