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Company :Coca Cola India


This task requires you to:


  1. Consider the ethical dilemma identified in your research of any company of your choice.
  1. Develop a fictional scenario that outlines how this ethical dilemma could have presented itself at this company. This scenario should be similar in format and style to the GVV/Babson scenarios and should describe a possible workplace situation that illustrates the emergence if this dilemma; the key stakeholders & characters, the key facts and the background information that has led to this issue;


iii. Apply the Giving Voice to Values framework to this scenario:

  • What is the ethical dilemma/values conflict presented in your scenario?
  • What are the main arguments you are trying to counter? That is, what are the reasons and rationalizations you need to address?
  • Who are the stakeholders and what is at stake for the key parties (including those who disagree with you)?
  • What levers/arguments could you use to influence those with whom you disagree?
  • What is your most powerful and persuasive response to the reasons and rationalizations you need to address? To whom should the arguments be made? When and in what context?
  • Develop a script that applies the GVV framework to this scenario and its ethical dilemma


Only do the yellow marked questions…word limit 400.

.You have to make a script with question and answering format. For better understanding I have uploaded a sample script to message portal. Script should be consists of at least 6 questions.


(The script should be based on following scenario:


Scenario of Coca-Cola India

For the last one year Panduka has been working as Assistant Finance officer in Coca-Cola India. He was very happy with his job and finance team was doing well in the organization.

Waste management contract with ABC Company was going to be finished in two months. Finance officer, Production manager and Administrative manager agreed not to renew the contract because of poor performance and bad reputation of ABC Company. Finance department has some pressure to cut some costs on waste management as the organization was spending more on managing waste.

ABC Company manager Danny had meeting with Finance officer, Production manager, Administrative manager and Assistant Finance officer. Danny was trying to persuade all the officers to renew the contract. But the finance officer told him because of the poor performance and bad reputation company is reluctant to renew contract. Before leaving meeting room Danny gave proposition to all the officers that if contract is renewed ABC Company will do 5% less of current price and offer free holiday package for a week in Fiji to all the officers as a commission.

Finance officer, Production manager, Administrative manager were happy about the proposal of ABC Company. Finance officer was happy that there will be 5% less in current price which he was looking for. All three managers were excited about free holiday in Fiji. Finance officer told that in next meeting with ABC Company they will renew the contract.

Panduka feels the practices is unethical and wants to give voice to his values. What, whom, when and how he should speak with that issue?




Materiality is one of the argument that Panduka could face. The impact of this practice is not material, it doesn’t harm anyone. It is a deal between two parties which is beneficial for both and this practice doesn’t involve others.)

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