cultural landscape custom essay.


1) Select an economic, political, or cultural activity in your city or town, and discuss how it has been influenced by
globalization. Name your town. My town is Hartford, Connecticut.
a. Describe and explain five components of economic globalization and how these apply to your city or town.
b. In your discussion summarize three elements of the controversy about globalization. How does it apply to your city or town.
2) How is the concept of the cultural landscape related to areal differentiation.
a. What do cultural landscapes reflect? In your answer, provide specific examples
and show how it is that location is important. Relate to your city or town.
3) The text introduces a graphic tool named “population pyramids.” Discuss this in
terms of what kind of information it conveys. Explain and give specific examples.
a. What does your home town population pyramid looks like.
4) Define gender gap, relate it to the concept of gender roles, and illustrate your
answer with specific examples, including at least one that applies to your city or town.
NOTE: Answer the exercise following the order of the questions given above. Use your own words, linking ideas in a logical
manner. You are expected to refer to the readings. You are not limited to these sources. You are expected to use at least
three additional appropriate professional sources.
The book that’s need is Globalization and Diversity: Geography of a Changing World, Fourth Edition, by Les Rowntree,
Martin Lewis, Marie Price, and William Wyckoff, (Pearson, 2014: ISBN 9780321821461)

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